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Overnight Parking

Please contact the harbormaster for availability BEFORE paying for overnight parking.  

1 Day

2 Days

3 Days

4 Days

5 Days



Overnight Parking

Gated parking is available for over night  visitors going to state parks. 

Each night is $15 

No Camping, No dumping, No carwashing on Marina property. All cars MUST be registered and paid for at the Harbormaster's Office before departure.

More Parking.jpg

Long Term Parking

Long Term Parking is available at $125 per month. 

All cars MUST be registered with the Harbormaster's Office.


Boats on Trailers

Assigned spaces are available for boats on a trailer. 

$250 per month, unlimited launches and hauls

Boats on Trailers 1.jpg


Assigned spaces are available for trailers without boats. No camping or habitation is allowed.

$150 per month. 

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